​​Hello friend!

First off, I’m not shy, but I’m very private, so I won’t be sharing too much demographic details about myself. I will tell you, though, that I’m a Seattle writer, and Ugly Things We Hide is my first novel. Never mind the work, the research, the never-ending doubts, the beating-myself-up over my writing (or not writing)—all I care about is that you enjoyed the story. Did you get lost in it? Did it move you sometimes? Did you learn something? If you answered Yes to any of the above, then I’m fulfilled. You are my reward.
Ever wonder where the stories come from?

People always ask me where my stories and ideas come from—want in on the secret? I'd love to share it with you! Also, I want to give you behind-the-scenes details on Daniel and Phoebe, James and Jackie, and all things UglyFinally, I'd like to share with you more about who I am through my personal stories, just as I'd like to learn more about you.

That ok? If so, Let's Keep in Touch!
Thanks for being here. Say hello! I’d love to hear from you.

EMAIL: mocampo.mcivor@gmail.com